Sand mining ‘locks up’ half of Straddie

Half of Stradbroke Island is locked up and inaccessible because of sand mining.

Mining leases on North Stradbroke cover more than half of the island, as these Queensland government maps show:

The community is locked out of going into mining leases.  There are gates blocking access to vast areas of Stradbroke Island.  The community can’t see the devastation from mining.  The community can’t see the failed rehabilitation.

Ending mining would mean visitors could enjoy much more of what Straddie has to offer.   Straddie’s natural and diverse beauty has much to offer.  In particular Dunwich, being the closest town to the southern half of the island, could benefit significantly by shutting down the mining which is locking up this half of Straddie.

NSI Ramsar - Mining Leases

This Department of Mines map shows that the mining leases on North Stradbroke Island.