Bligh ministers mislead public on sandmining North Stradbroke Island


Andrew Fraser ALP Minister Andrew Fraser claimed on Twitter on 16 January 2012 that his government ‘legislated the mining company’s rights away last year’. (See right.)

Andrew Fraser is wrong.  The Bligh government extended sand mining on North Stradbroke Island.




Vicky Darling

Minister Vicky Darling also claimed on 612ABC radio on the 16th and 17th January 2012 that her government wanted to end sand mining on Stradbroke Island. Members of the Bligh government have consistently attempted to argue that they have stopped sand mining on Stradbroke Island.

Vicky Darling is wrong.  The Bligh government extended sand mining on Stradbroke Island and then adopted a policy of ‘staged’ National Park concept which allows areas to be destroyed by sand mining before they are made National Park.  In reality the  government has adopted the sandmining companies  policy for staged National Parks on North Stradbroke Island.

The Government has blatantly misused  taxpayer funded advertisements to falsely claim North Stradbroke Island was ‘Protected from mining’ (see below).

The Environment Minister, Vicky Darling, issued a media release on 16 January 2012 which contain seriously misleading propaganda.



The Honourable Vicky Darling


Bligh Government gets it right on Straddie – where is the LNP?

Environment Minister Vicky Darling said mining company Sibelco had nothing to do with determining which areas of North Stradbroke Island to protect …

Taxpayer funded advertisement falsely claiming Stradbroke is protected from mining



destructive sand mining on Stradbroke Island