Who is mining Straddie?

All the sandmines on North Stradbroke Island are currently owned by a company called Sibelco Australia Limited, an Australian public, unlisted company.  Sibelco is ultimately owned by SCR Sibelco NV, a huge multinational company, privately owned by a rich Belgian family, which had a turnover of 2 billion euro ($2.7 billion Australian) in 2008. This is likely to have increased substantially, given the increase in prices of mineral sands since then.

Sibelco Australia Limited Directors as at January 2010: Campbell Jones (Melbourne), Thomas Cutbush (Sydney), Joseph Shapiro (Connecticut, USA), Kevin Crawford (Connecticut, USA).

Sibelco has operated in Australia since about 2000. See more.

Other companies which have mined Stradbroke Island

Prior to 28 November 2010 Sibelco Australia Ltd was called Unimin Australia Limited.  (Unimin Australia Pty Ltd is the company formerly known as Sibelco Australia Pty Ltd.)

The Vance silica mine used to be owned by ACI, before being bought by Sibelco (then Unimin).

The mineral sand mines were owned by Consolidated Rutile Ltd.