Minister Rachel Nolan announces degraded and destroyed sandmined land to be made National Park

On the 20th December 2011, Ipswich MP Rachel Nolan implemented the next part of the Queensland governments policy to make parts of the North Stradbroke Island national park only after they had already been degraded and destroyed by sandmining. Miniser Nolan supports a National Park policy that was basicalll drafted by the sandming company on North Stradborke island.

Rachael Nolan attempted to spin the announced on 612 ABC radio and Ch10 news as a positive environmental outcome. Minister Noland blatantly mislead the community claiming open cut sand mining leases were being retired when in fact her government  had special legislations passed in Parliament up to renewed open cut sandmining leases, that  had already expired, for another 14 years.


‘So  there is.. what we’ve done …  At the start of the year when the government began developing this plan there were three active mines which had a very long term future, there were long term plans for mining on Straddie.  What we have done is end some of that mining as soon as the leases ended when the company frankly expected that they would continue mining essentially indefinitely, that their leases would roll over. We’ve said ‘that’s it’ and we’re progressively moving the island from mining into National Park.