Save the Jetty

Save the Jetty

Another of the State Government’s unwanted ‘Economic Transition Strategy’ (ETS) plans for Stradbroke is the proposed demolition of the Harold Walker Jetty at Dunwich/Goompi. The jetty has been used by generations of adults and children to fish. The planned whale skeleton building at Point Lookout is not the only highly unpopular ETS plan. On 24 January, 2021 there was a big community gathering at the Jetty, calling for its retention. Most of the local community was represented.

Part of the crowd which gathered at the Jetty in January, 2021 to protest its planned demolition
jetty dunwich

Change is inevitable, but it is important it is community led and gradual and has full regard for Stradbroke’s sensitive landscape and environment, and native title rights and interests – which on Stradbroke are mostly ‘non-exclusive’. Before large scale development occurs, a fully comprehensive environmental and cultural heritage management plan should be formulated, with genuine community consultation and consent.

And if QYAC is involved, and native title rights are impacted by any proposal, it is critical traditional decision making processes are followed, rather than decisions being made by a few. For more information about the Jetty issue, see this Facebook post. Also see our post Straddie needs good government and some TLC.